May 5, 2010


By Amber J. Alexander

rise early, her mother would say

a time-consuming process
takes time

the recipe of choice was, of course
her mother’s,
which was
her mother’s, mother’s, mother’s recipe, hence
the unmeasured measurements
hand mixing,
uneven slicing,
uncalculated bake time, and

the dual pronunciation
(skon v. skoon)

the heritage of which
is unclear

the tradition of which
is not

her morning
consists of preparation

preparation now, a week long process
a comfort
for a lady of age
to look forward to, as time
is no longer
on her side

she awaits visitors
4pm on the dot, she’s ready
apron on, secure, decorative
if she had had a daughter, it
would be passed on to her

she didn’t.

baked fresh and trayed
her tea steeps
placings set particular
to tradition, and

she waits.