May 5, 2010


Gregory J. Buda is a doctoral student in plant biology at Cornell, with an understated love for travel, and a dream to experience the people and cultures hiding in every corner of the world.  
Kim Kent, native New Englander and current resident of Ithaca, NY.  On a mission to rule the world through yoga and vegan cupcakes.
Katerina Leinhart studies at Ithaca College.
G. Murray is a lapsed linguist and Rust Belt Native who spends her free time observing the participatory universe.
Caleb Sheldon studied math in college, but then joined the Air Force.

MC DEATH BEAR: 80's pro wrestling, nunchucks, super nintento, bears, and hot pink.  {}
Jordan Bokor Warner
wishes peace to all who do and do not read this.
Maggie Weiss takes photos and studies languages through books and films when not working with online journals in a university library.

Haley Zabriskie is a Lost-loving gardener.

Amber J. Alexander writes.  Occasionally.
Jillian Piccirilli is an artist whose work transverses a number of different mediums with a common interest in narrative, history, and expanding one's sense of the real.