Oct 1, 2010


G. Murray is a lapsed linguist and Rust Belt Native who spends her free time observing the participatory universe.
Martha O’Connell is a hopeful muralist and lover of pencil and pen.  She lives in Boston but dreams about stitched pieces of land, muscle, and memory.
Hope Rainbow is collecting bilingual dictionaries, foreign currencies, and musical instruments. She plans to become a well-educated farmer.
Ethan Meusdorffer Samuels is a well practiced escapist.
Mary Thomas is a collector of places.
Maggie Weiss takes photos and studies languages through books and films when not working with online journals in a university library.

Amber J. Alexander writes.  Occasionally.
Jillian Piccirilli is an artist whose work transverses a number of different mediums with a common interest in narrative, history, and expanding one's sense of the real.