Mar 28, 2011

My Favorite End-of-the-World Scenario

By Devin Conathan

From Chapter 116, “The Grand Ah-woom”
   The moist green earth was a blue-white pearl.
   The sky darkened. Borasisi, the sun, became a sickly yel- 
low ball, tiny and cruel.
    The sky was filled with worms. The worms were torna- 

    I still remember that moment. When those words first 
came across my eyes.
    My first Vonnegut book. The end of the world.
and silence. 
and I was there too: staring out over the frozen sea, 
The manmade Ice Age around us, the darkened sky. 
Then the tornadoes appeared, 
That’s when I knew it was real.

    I had to stop reading and 


    How did we get here? 
    Laziness, stupidity, short-sightedness. And genius. 
    The men didn’t want to walk through the mud. 
    I laughed. 
    But nuclear energy was harnessed because
The men didn’t want to fight. 
    Laziness, stupidity, short-sightedness. And genius. 
    And I became uneasy. 
    That’s when I knew it was real.